Examination matters

DP Requirements
The University's statute specifies that a candidate for the degree of bachelor shall not be allowed to write an examination in any subject unless the Head of the School submits a certificate to the satisfaction of the Senate that the candidate is qualified by attendance and has duly performed the work of the class in the subject concerned.

The normal policy applied within the School is that each student is expected to attend all classes and to attempt all work assigned to the class (i.e. tutorials, tests, practicals, etc.). Module lecturers are entitled to set additional requirements at their discretion, provided that these are clearly set out at the beginning of the module.

Towards the end of each semester, a draft timetable is displayed on the notice board in the foyer of the building. Any clashes should be reported to the Examinations Officer (E - 455, Shepstone building). The final draft of the examination timetable is then displayed on the notice board and the onus is on each individual student to be aware of the correct time and date of examinations for which they are registered - no excuse will be accepted for misreading either the date or the time of any examination.  The current Student Identity Card is required to be on the desk while writing examinations and, unless otherwise stated, all examinations are written in the Old Mutual Sports Hall.

Programmable Calculators
The use of programmable pocket calculators is permitted during certain examinations but students are required to verify with each lecturer any restrictions that may be imposed.

Supplementary Examinations
Supplementary examinations may be written in any module where the mark awarded is between 40 and 48%. These examinations are written in June and November. Supplementary examination results will be published in July and December. Students who fail a first semester supplementary examination may proceed to the subsequent level i.e. Maths II(b) have failed Maths II(a).

Examinations not attended or not completed
Applications must be made to the Registrar on the official form within 12 days of the examination date.

Completed examinations
Applications must be preceded by informing the Examinations Officer within 24 hours of the examination of the reason for the application and the official form must be submitted to the Registrar within 3 days of the examination date.

Medical Grounds
Where application is made on such grounds, Section 8 of the form costs incurred therewith are the responsibility of the applicant, not the University.

Completeness and legibility
The form must be legibly and fully completed, the onus for communication of information resting with the applicant. Incomplete or illegible forms may not be considered. These forms are available from the College Officer (College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science)

Examination Results
The College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science considers examination results in July and December. Examination results are published a few days after these meetings.

Certificates of Merit
Certificates of Merit are awarded in each module in each semester by the Board of the College on the recommendation of the relevant Discipline Academic Leader. The Certificate is awarded for outstanding performance to the best student in a class. If the performance of the best student in a class is not judged to be outstanding, a Certificate of Merit shall not be awarded in that module for that semester.           

Dean's Commendation
The Board of the College awards Dean's Commendations to students at the end of each semester for their high level of achievement. The commendation is awarded to students registered for a full semester load who obtain first class passes (75 percent or more) in all modules or first class passes in all modules except one, where an upper second class of pass is obtained (68 percent to 74 percent).

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