Professor Jules-Raymond Tapamo

Professor Tapamo research interests include surface characterization, image processing, computer vision, machine learning, biometrics, intelligent monitoring, activity recognition with a particular emphasis on smart surveillance, security, medicine, and environmental monitoring applications.

He is the Coordinator for the Computer Engineering Programme and the Chair of the Image Processing, Computer Vison and Data Mining Research Group. He is also the member of the IEEE Computer Society, the IEEE Signal Processing Society, the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society and the ACM.
 Quote:   "Il n'y a pas de problème de société insoluble, il n'y a que d'hommes incapables."
 Position:   Professor

 Discipline:   Electrical Electronic and Computer Engineering
Campus:   Howard College
Telephone:   031 260 2751
Research Areas:   Surface characterization, image processing, computer vision, machine learning, biometrics, intelligent monitoring, activity recognition
Recent Publications:
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