Dr Remy Tiako

Dr Remy Tiako received a B.Eng. (Honors) degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Federal University of Technology Akure (Nigeria) in December 1997. He then worked for several years in industries and academic institutions in Cameroun and South Africa from 1998 to 2006.

He joined the University of Cape Town (South Africa) in 2007 and Curtin University (Australia) in 2009 where he received his M.Sc.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering. Dr Tiako is a dedicated and knowledgeable lecturer in the field of power engineering.

  “ It takes time to understand electrical engineering concepts, the best approach to comprehend them is to study several electrical engineering text books from different authors and to work out complex problems over and over ”
 Position:   Researcher & Lecturer

BSc Eng (Hons)
 Discipline:   Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Campus:   Howard
Telephone:   031 260 1244
Recent Publications:
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