Past Examination Papers - 2010

 1st Semester 2010

 2nd Semester 2010

ENEL2CA H1 Computer Methods 1  ENEN1ED H2  Electrical Design 1
ENEL2CM H1 Applied Computer Methods
ENEL2EA H1 Electrical Principles 1 ENEL2CB H2 Computer Methods 2
ENEL2EE H1 Electrical & Electronic Engineering ENEL2DS H2 Data Structures & Algorithms
ENEL2EL H1 Electrical Engineering ENEL2EB H2 Electrical Principles 2 
ENEL2PA H1 Physical Electronics 1 ENEL2EC H2 Electronic Engineering
ENEL3CC H1 Computer Methods 3 ENEL2ED H2 Electrical Design 2
ENEL3DS H1 Digital Systems ENEL2FT H2 Field Theory
ENEL3MA H1 Electrical Machines 1 ENEL2NP H2 Nuclear & Semiconductor Physics
ENEL3SS H1 Systems & Simulation ENEL2PB H2 Physical Electronics 2
ENEL3TA H1 Analogue Electronics 1 ENEL2SE H2 Software Engineering 1
ENEL3AE H2 Analogue Electronics 2
ENEL3CO H2 Communications
ENEL4AA H1 Design & Analysis of Algorithms ENEL3CS H2 Control Systems 1
ENEL4CO H1 Computer Arch & Organisation ENEL3DE H2 Digital Electronics
ENEL4CS H1 Control Systems 2 ENEL3EM H2 E-M Theory
ENEL4DC H1 Digital Communications ENEL3MB H2 Electrical Machines 2
ENEL4DP H1 Digital Processes ENEL3PE H2 Power Electronics 1
ENEL4DS H1 Digital Signal Processing ENEL3PS H2 Power Systems 1
ENEL4DT H1 Data Communications  ENEL3SF H2 Software Engineering 2
ENEL4EB H1 Engineering Business ENEL4AI H2 Artificial Intelligence
ENEL4EC H1 Analogue Electronics 3 ENEL4AM H2 Automation
ENEL4EE H1 Engineering Entrepreneurship  ENEL4EB H2 Engineering Business
ENEL4HA H1 High Voltage Engineering 1 ENEL4EE H2 Engineering Entrepreneurship
ENEL4MA H1 Electrical Machines 3 ENEL4ES H2 Embedded Systems
ENEL4HB H2 High Voltage Engineering 2
ENEL4SE H1 Security & Encryption  ENEL4IL H2 Illumination
ENEL4WA H1 Power Systems 2 ENEL4IP H2 Image Processing
ENEL4OS H1 Operating Systems for Engineers ENEL4IE H2 Internet Engineering
ENEL4SA H1 Selected Topics in Electrical Eng. ENEL4MB H2 Electrical Machines 4
ENEL4TA H1 Selected Topics in Electronic Eng. ENEL4PB H2 Power Electronics 3
    ENEL4RC H2 Real Time Computing
    ENEL4SC H2 Superconductivity
    ENEL4TB H2 Selected Topics in EC Eng (Microwaves)
    ENEL4TB H2 Selected Topics in EC Eng (Wireless)
    ENEL4WB H2 Power Systems 3

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