Past Exam Papers - 2014

 1st Semester 2014

 2nd Semester 2014

ENEL2CA-H1 Computer Methods 1  ENEL1ED H2

Electrical Design 1

ENEL2EL H1 Electrical Engineering ENEL2CB H2 Computer Methods 2
ENEL2CM H1 Applied Computer Methods ENEL2DS H2
Data Structures & Algorithms
ENEL2EA H1 Electrical Principles 1 ENEL2EB H2
Electrical Principles 2
ENEL2EE H1 Electrical & Electronic Engineering ENEL2EC H2
Electronic Engineering
ENEL2PA H1 Physical Electronics 1 ENEL2ED H2
Electrical Design 2
ENEL3CC H1 Computer Methods 3 ENEL2FT H2
Field Theory


Digital Systems ENEL2NP H2
Nuclear & Semiconductor Physics
ENEL3MA H1 Electrical Machines 1 ENEL2PB H2
Physical Electronics 2
ENEL3SS H1 Systems & Simulation ENEL2SE H2
Software Engineering 1
ENEL3TA H1  Analogue Electronics 1    

Analogue Electronics 2

ENEL4AA H1 Design & Analysis of Algorithms ENEL3CS H2
Control Systems 1
ENEL4AC H1 Acoustics ENEL3DE H2
Digital Electronics
ENEL4CO H1 Computer Arch & Organisation ENEL3EM H2
E-M Theory
ENEL4CS H1 Control Systems 2 ENEL3MB H2
Electrical Machines 2
ENEL4DC H1 Digital Communications ENEL3PE H2
Power Electronics 1
ENEL4DP H1 Digital Processes ENEL3PS H2
Power Systems 1
ENEL4DS H1 Digital Signal Processing ENEL3SF H2
Software Engineering 2
ENEL4DT H1 Data Communications 

ENEL4EB H1 Engineering Business ENEL4AI H2
 Artificial Intelligence
ENEL4EC H1 Analogue Electronics 3 ENEL4EB H2
Engineering Business
ENEL4EE H1 Engineering Entrepreneurship  ENEL4EE H2
Engineering Entrepreneurship
ENEL4HA H1 High Voltage Engineering 1 ENEL4ES H2
Embedded Systems
ENEL4MA H1 Electrical Machines 3 ENEL4HB H2
High Voltage Engineering 2
ENEL4PA H1 Power Electronics 2 ENEL4IL H2
ENEL4SE H1 Security & Encryption  ENEL4IP H2
Image Processing
ENEL4WA H1  Power Systems 2 ENEL4IE H2
Internet Engineering
ENEL4TA H1 Selected Topics in Electronic Eng ENEL4MB H2
Electrical Machines 4
ENEL4SA H1 Selected Topics in Electrical Eng ENEL4PB H2
Power Electronics 3
ENEL4OS H1 Operating Systems for Engineers ENEL4RC H2
Real Time Computing

    ENEL4TB H2
Selected Topics in EC Eng (Microwave)
    ENEL4TB H2
Selected Topics in EC Eng (Wireless)
    ENEL4WB H2 Power Systems 3

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