Munnik Gift

 The Workshop staff presented this High Speed Controller to Tony Munnik on his retirement.


 Admin Staff Gifts



 Sundial to Sheila Wright


Portal Spire

 Portal Spire to Kathy Tudge

 Bennett Gift

 Balancing scales for Finance and Vac Work to Bev Bennett


Maries Gift

 Egyptian Scribe Paint Pot to Marie Wayne

 Accreditation Balance

 Chemical Balance for Accreditation Administration to Sharon McGregor


Astrologer's Bowl

 Astrologer's Bowl for Brigitte Le Breton

Workshop Gifts to Staff Leaving the University

The Workshop Staff (and in particular Tony Munnik) identified something unique in the person leaving, and made an appropriate gift which was presented to this person at one of the staff functions. Some of these gifts had been photographed over the years:


 Thyristor, solid state


Golden Hacksaw

Micro-alternator - to Richard Fairbairn

 Thyristor, solid state - to Greg Diana

 Golden Hacksaw - to Clyde Johnson


School Web Logo


TV Colour Burst


Centrifkugal Governor



 School Web Logo to Philip Facoline    

 TV Colour Burst to Paul Bouwer

 Centrifugal Governor to Jim Rodgerson



Davy Safety Lamp

 Impulse Generator

 Turing Machine


 Davy Safety Lamp to Andy Chalmers

 Impulse Generator to Don Swift

 Turing Machine to John Prentice



Impulse Generator




Cash Register and Fly Whisk



 Impulse Generator to Colin McGee

 Crane to Bruce Burton

 Cash Register and Fly Whisk to Peter Mthetwa





Rambler Statuette


Fleming Valve



 Hourglass to Peter Smal

 Rambler Statuette and Compass to Graham Hone

 Fleming Valve to Clive Booth



Morse Key


Piece of us goes with you


Randle and Boot Magnetron



 Morse Key to Rob Brain

 Randle and Boot Magnetron to Professor Lee Nattrass along with a rock inscribed with

 'A piece of us goes with you'.


 Branley Coherer




Room Temperature Diamonds



 Branley Coherer to Howard Reader

 Reflectometer to Tom Watts

Room Temperature Diamonds to Peter Thebock


 Myford Lathe




 Myford Lathe to David Shoba

  Crane to Tony Roos

 A High Voltage measurement attenuator to Geoff Bennett


 Microalternator to Prof Ron Harley together with a piece of timber - 'teak' taken from the back bench of the Machines research laboratory. The slate is a piece from the steps to the Electrical Engineering building.

Harley Gift

 Broadhurst Gift

The Edison Phonograph with a recording of Bell's voice to Prof Tony Broadhurst - Head of the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering.



Vath Gift


Metro Vickers Motor



 Satellite Dish to Gunter Vath    

 Metro-Vickers MG Set to Simon Nyoka

 Spanner-spoon to Apheus Dladla


Magetron. WW2


HOS School Disciplines


Digital Communications


 Magnetron. WW 2 to Stephen McDonald

      Digital Communications gifts to Professor Fambirai Takawira

    Head of School of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering


Franklins Bells


School LAN PCs


Printing Press


 Franklins Bells to Derek Hoch

 School LAN PCs to Bruce Harrison

 Printing Press to Tradesman Maphumulo



Homopolar Motor




Radio Ham


 Homopolar Motor to Mac Hippner

 Sputnik and Ham Radio to David Long




HOS gift - Radar Dish 


Resistor Cube


Oscilloscope to Frank van Vloten

  Radar Dish to Professor Stanley Mneney as Head of School of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering 

 Resistor Cube to Huntly Jay




Balancing Machine

 Gift 2 Solid State Thyristor  

 Microalternator to Bruce Rigby

 Balancing Machine and Solid State Thyristor to Eugene Odendal  
 Tower of Hanoi  

Tower of Hanoi


Diving Duck


 Control System and the Tower of Hanoi to Ed Eitelberg

Diving Duck to Sanjay Deeraj




Energy Conservation

 Khan Gift  

 Pyramid to Dawoud Dawoud

 Energy Conservation to Rathi Sewsunker

A Computer Processor IC to Themesha Murugas (Khan)




Left:  Ron Lee with his CADUCEUS. The Caduceus was the ancient Roman/Greek badge of the Teacher. It consisted of two Serpents counter-entwined around a Winged Staff. This is still used today in the Military as a badge for Lecturing Staff, as well as members of the Education Corps.


 Eiffel Tower and Camera

 Eiffel Tower and Camera to Johannes Mbili to remind him of his photography course in France





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